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The Wrinkled Minute


4 nice old ladies who tell not-so-nice jokes...   Duration of the episodes = 1'30'' - New 7th season (30x1'30)

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In each episode, we follow Pirjo who meets various characters in every day situations, in each episode there's a different scenario. Episodes are...

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Dear Neighbours


Nuclear families, blended families, hormonal adolescents, mischievous kids, overwrought moms, loud partying students, sexy...

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It’s the circle of school life: students exasperate the teachers who infuriate the parents who frustrate the students who lie to their parents...

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The Secret History of Objects


What would happen if the objects around us came to life? What would they have to say? This new 39-episode stop-motion short comedy series takes a...

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15x3' - 4x1' - 5x2'

The office of the most influential casting director in Paris has seen it all: actors, singers, extras, musicians, even a reckless star or two--each...

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Do you Want or Not


At the corner of the street, by the coffee machine or in a trendy bar, planned or mere coincidence, a date can change a life…or not!Do you...

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The Bitch


A provocative and slightly off-kilter candid camera show that follows the everyday exploits of Camille, a 30-year-old chatterbox who’s as...

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Gym Couine


While watching Gym Couine, Linda teaches you how to do sport in any kind of situation. Season 1 : 16x1'45 / Season 2 : 14 x 1'50

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Un Gars, une Fille (Love Bugs)


“Un gars, une fille” (Love bugs) gives an unabashed, scathing glimpse into the daily life of a couple in their thirties, as it runs through all the...

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