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Almost True



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Selected at Banff 2020 in the category: scripted comedy - non English language.

Three actresses, Suvi (31), Eeva (46) and Juulia (62), share a dressing room at a Finnish provincial theatre. In addition to the mutual dressing room, the women share feelings of passion, rage, indifference and love for theatre. 

ALMOST TRUE is a comedy series about the everyday life of theatre. There are fears and challenges that are familiar in all workplaces: competition, economic pressure, lack of trust between management and employees, gender (non) equality, professional pride, solidarity and friendship. 

The 8 episode series takes the viewer behind the magical scenes of theatre. In each episode the general themes of classics and modern plays reflect the everyday issues at the theatre. On top of that, cinematic scenes allow viewers to dive into the real world of the plays.

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Aito Media / YLE
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