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The Consolation




Photo: Nathalie Guyon

Award of the best tv movies at le Festival de la fiction Tv in la Rochelle

Flavie, a television presenter in her 40s, tries to hide the dizzy spells and the vertigo that come upon her, even happening on set. A psychiatrist, her final resort, suggests that she bring in a photo album from her childhood. A perfectly normal childhood as she describes it. Then comes the flashback to a period between the ages of 13 and 15. Happy holidays by the sea, a father whose attention she tries to attract, but he is under his wife’s thumb. An eternally frustrated and unhappy mother who, faced with this pretty little blond girl, decides to turn her into the teenager of her dreams. Strict diets, alternating between abuse and admiration for the physical appearance of her daughter become her object, she turns her into prey for older men, preferably somewhat famous, her vicarious dream. And the little Poupette who so loves the smile that she has finally brought to her mother’s face as they stroll together down the Champs Elysées, allows herself to be displayed like a trophy. Until the summer when she is 13, the memory of which comes back to her when a photo falls out of the album: a photo of a little girl in a pink dress with such sad eyes taken by a renowned photographer. Just an old Polaroid, a thank you for the photo shoots and the rape that summer at Cap d’Agde…

Based on a novel by Flavie Flament.

Drama > Drama

Drama / Tv Movies
Producer(s) & Channel(s):
Image & Cie / France 3 / TV5 Monde
Magaly Richard-Serrano
Léa Drucker, Lou Gable, Emilie Dequenne, Xavier Mathieu & Phillip Schurer
English / French
Available rights:
French-speaking territories / Worldwide