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LS Distribution is delighted to announce the nomination of White Soldier for Best TV movie or miniseries at the International Emmy Awards.

White Soldier (146mn) was directed by par Erik Zonca (La vie rêvée des Anges, Julia) and features Abraham Belaga, Emile Berling, Mike N’guyen, and Kool Chen. It was produced by Breakout Films (Georges Campana) for Canal +.

« A muggy Saigon, late 1945. At a military camp in French Indochina, Robert and André become close friends as they share the boredom and anxiety of waiting for their first mission. When they discover that instead of freeing Indochina from foreign aggressors, they will be fighting natives struggling for independence, their friendship cracks. Andre is shattered, but Robert is unfazed—he’ll fight any enemy of France to the death. While Robert is assigned to lead a commando operation against the Viet Minh, Andre joins the freedom fighters. They’ve chosen their sides, once friends they must now be enemies. Their paths diverge, until the day they come face to face again. At a detention camp for French prisoners, André spots a prisoner who looks a lot like Robert...

A unique story depicting real events never before seen on screen. »