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Emotainment reality series The Island of Truth is joining Lagardère Entertainment Rights’ (LER) distribution catalogue.

Produced by 909 productions and broadcast on NRJ12, the 3rd season of the show, now airing, has reached record-highs, placing the network in the lead on TNT and in audience shares among under-50 women purchasing decision-makers.

The broadcasts, widely relayed on social media sites, are creating a huge buzz due to the success of the show—with over 70,000 fans on Facebook and the 3rd highest number of tweets per week on Twitter.

LER has begun negotiations to adapt the format in Scandinavia, Mexico and Canada.

Other recently acquired formats to complement the catalogue are:

- ‘Dear Neighbours’ (Ango productions, Aubes productions/TF1)—the only French drama to place in the top 10 best dramas 2012 (ranked 3 times)*.

- ‘so (bref.).’ (My Box Productions, Canal +)

- ‘Peps (Ango Productions, TF1)  - reached its record audience last September 18th with 7.7 million viewers*.

- ‘The Wrinkled Minute (Bakea productions, LM productions, Arte)—recently winner of the award for best short program at the Festival de la Rochelle.