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LE Rights is pleased to announce its documentary line-up, the fruit of a close collaboration with the following top-notch production companies:


Dallas, une journée particulière (90’/52’) pour Arte.

A l’occasion de la 50e commémoration de l’assassinat de JFK, le célèbre réalisateur Patrick Jeudy nous fait revivre ce drame en s’imprégnant pour la première fois du dérisoire et des sensations d’une galerie de personnages clés, pour mettre en évidence l’étendue du mensonge du siècle.


Morning glory (5x43’/90’) for Arte

A collection that takes a peek at the waking moments of flora and fauna throughout some the most beautiful biotopes on the planet as we witness the break of dawn in these spectacular, preserved places.

Running wild with Vincent Munier eps.2 (1x52’) for France 2

We’re back on the trail with photographer Vincent Munier (who was in Abyssinia in the 1st episode) on his favorite ground, the tundra in winter. He blends in completely with the landscape to discover and photograph wild animals at their most grandiose, such as wild reindeer, musk ox, and brown bear.


Arctic: the white gold rush (90’/52’) for Arte

Rapidly melting icecaps and diminishing resources are having drastic effects on the price of crude oil – namely, endless inflation. So the largest oil and gas companies have set their sights on conquering the planet’s final frontier, the Arctic ocean…

Yalta’s last secret (52’) for France 5

Yalta’s last secret tells the story of how, at the end of WWII, the Allies handed over two million Russian, Ukrainian, and Baltic nationals… to the Soviets.


The day we lost it all (The Madoff affair told by its victims) (52’) for France 3

For over 30 years, Bernard Madoff lied to and cheated some of the richest people in the US, along with banks and multinational companies like General Motors. What happened at the precise moment when his victims realized their world had collapsed? Where were these people when they find out they had lost everything? What were they doing? What did they feel?