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Lagardère Entertainment Rights presents "XIAOLIN CHRONICLES". Come discover the Xiaolin monks, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October at the Mipjunior!

The legendary monks are back again in a reloaded ‘Xiaolin Showdown’!

Our heroes, older now, have been joined by some brand new characters – like Ping Pong, a young and fiery European apprentice. Then there’s Shadow/Willow – Chase’s evil shape shifter – whose destiny is to rule the world at his side….

The Xiaolin monks and their magic dragon are off on a quest to collect the powerful Shen Gong Wu talismans before the Forces of Evil get a hold of them!

Get ready for a totally revamped 2D/3D action and comedy series, in which our heroes kick their way through thrilling adventures culminating in a dazzling CGI showdown: a real gravity-defying Kung Fu firework fest!

So hop on and join us for a brand new Xiaolin adventure, filled with fantastic twists, turns and – as always! – rib-kicking hilarity.


‘Xiaolin Chronicles’ 26x22’ (2D / 3D hybrid)

Created by: Christy Hui

Producers: Christy Hui, Sandrine Nguyen, Boris Hertzog

Coproduction: ActionFliks Media Corp. / Genao Productions / Gulli / Canal J / Axone Invest

Distribution: Lagardère Entertainment Rights

Release: Fall 2013

L&M rights: Lagardère Active / Benoît Roque