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Paris, August 20, 2012 –LER will ensure worldwide distribution for the high-octane action series based on the popular film franchise of the same name created by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. Transporter – The Series is produced by Klaus Zimmermann and Olivier Bibas (Borgia) for Atlantique Productions and Susan Murdoch (Dan for Mayor) for QVF Inc. Showrunners Tim Lea (FlashForward, Lie to Me), and Brad Turner (24, Homeland, Hawaii Five-0) are joined by Executive Producer Fred Fuchs (Camelot).

Frank Martin is The Transporter.  You want something moved, moved fast, and moved right, you get Frank Martin. He carries anything, anywhere, no questions asked.  Ex-Special Forces, he’s acquired the driving, fighting and survival skills to make the delivery on schedule, and he never quits until the package is where it’s supposed to be.

There are rules:

#1 – Never Change the Deal

#2 – No Names

#3 – Never Open the Package

Frank’s a regular working man, a good guy, with a clear moral code.  Follow the rules; everything goes smoothly.  Unfortunately for Frank, nothing ever goes smoothly, because people rarely follow the rules.  Which makes Frank’s job very difficult and very dangerous.  The cops chase him, the bad guys chase him, women track him down … But he never changes the deal: Frank Martin is a driven man.

From Paris and Berlin to Geneva, New York and points beyond – dropoffs and pickups, freight yards and luxury hotels, chalets, warehouses, nightclubs and finally to his beautiful home on the shores of the Mediterranean: this is the life of The Transporter.

One Man.  One Car.  The Transporter.


Frank Martin: Chris Vance (The Mentalist, Prison Break, Dexter)

Inspector Tarconi: François Berléand (Feature films ‘Transporter I, II & III’)

Carla: Andrea Osvart (Duplicity)

Juliette: Delphine Chanéac (Splice)

Dieter: Charly Hübner (The Lives of Others)


Running time: 12 x 45’ / Delivery: end 2012

Transporter- The Series is a France/Canada international treaty co-production produced by Atlantique Productions SA and QVF Inc. in association with broadcast partners:

-          M6 (France)

-          RTL (Germany)

-          HBO/Cinemax (US)

-          Astral/The Movie Network and Corus/Movie Central (Canada).


The series has already been sold to the following territories:

-          Kadokawa Shoten Co. Ltd (Japan)

-          Mediaset (Italy)

-          Antena 3 (Spain)

-          Orion Cinema Network Inc. (South Korea)

-          Fox International Channels Pty Ltd. (Australia)

-          Canal + Cyfrow Sp. Z.o.o (Poland)

-          TV2 (Norway)

-          Lusomundo (Portugal & Portuguese speaking African countries)

-          VMMA (Dutch speaking Belgium)

-          HBO Ole (Latin America, Brazil and the Carribean)

-          Loggalex Ltd. (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan)

-          MSM (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan)

-          CLT-UFA (Dutch speaking Benelux)

-          TV JOJ (Slovakia)