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Paris Rooftops: Architectural Marvels

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Travel & Discovery



Paris…the City of Lights. Millions of tourists each year are dazzled by the charm of its buildings, the wealth of its monuments and museums....

Rome: An Army of Builders


All throughout the Gallic Wars, Caesar’s army drew on the power of its military genius to defeat the Gauls. Once the territories were...

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Sea Power : The History of Battleships


Sea Power: The History of Battleships tells the history of 20th century naval warfare through the personal stories of the men and women who sailed,...

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History of Aviation

7x52' - 2x52'

New available format 2x52' From the first men in their flying machines to World War One, from the first Atlantic crossing to the supersonic era,...

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Shipwrecks: When History Resurfaces


From the Indian Ocean’s clear blue atolls to the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River, we embark on an epic expedition with the Cinémarine team to...

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