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Brothers United

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Two brothers, one shared dream - that of becoming a professional football player. When one of both is selected to play for a top football...

Bad Apples


In 1973, young, driven student activist Onerva (23) is sent to Eaglerock Sanatorium against her will. The authorities – and even her husband –...

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Blame it on Rousseau


Professor Rousseau is irreverent and rebellious. He shares his passion for philosophy with his students as he arms them in mind and spirit....

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Lakeside Murders - Koskinen

10x45' - 5x90'

The series follows Inspector Sakari Koskinen and his team in the Violent Crimes Unit as they try to solve murders in the Finnish lakeside city of...

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Beau Séjour Season 2


Mipdrama 2020. Former naval officer Maurice (65) witnesses his own lifeless body, dangling from the mast of his sailboat “Beau Séjour”. A raging...

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Iskander Season 2 - The Land of Shadows


After solving her first murder case in French Guyana, Chloé Bresson must leave the dampness of the jungle to fly back to her homeland, an icy and...

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The Phantom

1x90' - 2x45'

What would you do if suddenly you became the target of vicious attacks on social media? What if your private life were laid bare, family and...

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The Ride of Their Lives

1x90' - 2x45'

Lucie is on track for the Olympics when her life takes a sharp turn the night she is hit by a car. She loses the use of both her legs, and with...

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Four people on the fringes of society are going to each make a "seismic" encounter. Four vagabond characters, with seemingly no future, will...

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Commander Léa Soler has just taken over as head of the Montpellier investigations division, which means she’ll be working with wild card Paul...

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The Wrinkled Minute


4 nice old ladies who tell not-so-nice jokes...   Duration of the episodes = 1'30'' - New 7th season (30x1'30)

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Josephine: Guardian Angel


It may be hard to believe but everyone has a guardian angel to look over them. Someone to guide, to help, to give courage. Often a guardian's angel...

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