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The Incident

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8x50' - 5x70'


What in the world would happen if we were to stop having feelings? Imagine a world full of people devoid of even the slightest glimmer of...

Arctic Circle saison 2


ARCTIC CIRCLE 2 continues the original, complex crime thriller set in exotic Lapland, combining the tensions of crime investigations and the...

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Bad Apples


In 1973, young, driven student activist Onerva (23) is sent to Eaglerock Sanatorium against her will. The authorities – and even her husband –...

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Blame it on Rousseau


Professor Rousseau is irreverent and rebellious. He shares his passion for philosophy with his students as he arms them in mind and spirit. Except,...

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Hierro Season 2


In Season two, a few months have passed since El Hierro was shaken by a series of murders, and things have finally returned to normal. Candela is...

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Iskander S2 - The Land of Shadows


After solving her first murder case in French Guyana, Chloé Bresson must leave the dampness of the jungle to fly back to her homeland, an icy and...

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Lakeside Murders - Koskinen

10x45' - 5x90'

The series follows Inspector Sakari Koskinen and his team in the Violent Crimes Unit as they try to solve murders in the Finnish lakeside city of...

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Just days before the Easter holiday, as the whole school is studying for exams, Àlex, a student, is found dead. His body is discovered at a...

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Phoenix Hotel


Local fishermen, caught the body of a young and once attractive girl. Law enforcement officers, thanks to a medical examination, found out that the...

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Serving for Justice

2x45' - 1x90'

For twenty years, she said nothing. Isabelle Demongeot, the former French women’s tennis champion, had been sexually abused by her trainer from the...

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Un Professore


Dante is a non-conformist, womanizer high school teacher, who uses the thinking of philosophers to help his pupils reason. Dante constantly...

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Unlikely Stepmom


SERIES MANIA 2021 : best series and best soundtrack - French competition This is a story about 25-year-old Prune, a young standup on a dry spell...

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Beau Séjour Season 2


Mipdrama 2020. Former naval officer Maurice (65) witnesses his own lifeless body, dangling from the mast of his sailboat “Beau Séjour”. A raging...

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Commandos - The Mission


Six Dutch commandos, led by John the Koning and stationed in Mali, are sent to Nigeria in a covert mission under American command to free the...

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Commander Léa Soler has just taken over as head of the Montpellier investigations division, which means she’ll be working with wild card Paul...

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Josephine: Guardian Angel


It may be hard to believe but everyone has a guardian angel to look over them. Someone to guide, to help, to give courage. Often a guardian's angel...

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